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Being an international recruitment agency and as an online employment firm, we function to provide applicants various overseas Job opportunities. 

Though we recruit Engineers, hospitality personnel, Oil and gas manpower and other than these jobs places Nurses , Doctors , Teachers , Nannies , Caregivers , Waitress , Waiters , Casino Staff and all sorts of manpower abroad , this particular Caribbean Online recruitment portal focuses in placing international Applicants to this Wonderland – Caribbean ie., West Indies.  

We have a great network with the Employers in West Indies and specialized in placing various personnel to West Indies.

We cover the manpower needs of the Employers in Caribbean as well helping the international Job seekers to fulfill their thirst in getting the right jobs in Caribbean islands. The international job seekers can register their resumes for free at our Job site.

Jobs overseas regarding your employment contract make sure that all agreements are in writing. These would be issues such as when your contract expires, when it is to be renewed and on what conditions, is there a release clause, when can your services be terminated, who will arrange for the exit visas etc.

Jobs overseas most professionally run companies operating overseas; there should be no need to worry on account of false promises where you could be left high and dry in a foreign land. However, such documentation is just a good back-up for you in case anything does go wrong.

Jobs overseas be able to drive overseas, you may initially need an international driving license, officially known as an international driving permit. This is a recognized document world-wide but it can only be a stop-gap arrangement until you get a national license issued in the country that you are moving to.

Job Vietnam international driving permit has a validity period of one year from the date of issue; it can be obtained from your home country where you already possess a legal national driving license.

Job Vietnam is also a good idea to have certified / notarized copies of all important paperwork done, e.g. birth certificates, marriage certificates, professional qualifications etc.

At the very least ensure you have all these documents and keep them in a safe place during the move. Original personal references and bank references are also documents worth acquiring for the move.

Job Vietnam open a bank account in the country you are moving to, the new bank will want to see a reference from your previous bank - it is normal practice for this reference to be addressed to the new bank.

Jobs Positions is therefore wise to do research on the potential banks in that Country, and bring a bank reference addressed to the bank you have chosen from that research.

Jobs Positions may well be that you decide to change after a period residing in your new location (for whatever reason, eg. location, number of ATM's, lower charges introduced, etc) - but at least this will have got you through those initial months.

Jobs Positions Information on laws and customs in the foreign country would help you adjust easier to the new living and working conditions there.

You would know what to expect. Teach from the experiences of others i.e. friends, colleagues and get some tips on how they worked things out.

Overseas Job seekers :  Contact us on the following email id : [email protected], [email protected]

Overseas Employers :  Contact us on the following email id for getting the right and effective database to fill in your various manpower needs.

Our email id: [email protected], [email protected]

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