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Journalism Jobs

Journalism is a highly respected profession and offers a challenging career with good growth prospects. There are several types of journalism like investigative journalism, current affair, lifestyle, sports, crime and so on .The duty of the journalist would be to report the events in their area of specialization effectively to the world. Depending on the mode of communication, journalism can be divided into several areas. Whatever the mode of communication is, a journalist should essentially be of a very inquisitive nature, should have a mind of his/her own with a lot or perseverance and determination.

Apart from that a journalist should be able to communicate effectively in whatever area she specializes in.

There are a lot of courses offered by several universities and institutes in mass communication and journalism. Apart from these there are several top notch agencies providing on the job training which enables the student in becoming a qualified professionals.

With an overall development in the Caribbean economy, the area of journalism and mass communication has also gained a lot of importance.

There is a dearth of qualified professionals and therefore, Indian journalists gain a good chance of securing lucrative jobs there.

The opportunities available now

Print Journalism-

Print journalism is one of the oldest. There are opportunities in newspapers, news magazines and other periodicals. Such a journalist, along with the gathering of information, the person should be able to present it in a simple and concise manner to its readers. There would be several cadres in this profession depending on the skill sets and experience like editors, copy writers and so on.

Journalism is the most exciting career for adventure loving people everywhere. Today Media & Journalism generates a large number of job openings and is thriving to grow multifold with its vast potential. Journalism as a profession has gained a lot of popularity. India has a rich history in journalism. Thanks to the new-age journalists like Barkha Dutt, Vikram Chandra, Rajdeep Sardesai, Udayan Mukherjee and others, the profession has maintained all the guts and glory associated with it.

Radio Journalism-
Radio reaches people across cities to remote villages and hence news and events broadcast over this media is very effective. There can be news readers and reporters. The person would be required to communicate well in the specified language.

Television Journalism

This is a big industry now with the surge of several news channels. There is a lot of competition in this industry and hence there is a constant need for more and more improvement. Television industry is the most effective method for information exchange and careers in this industry are very challenging and rewarding .This area involves jobs like that of script writers camera persons, graphic designers, editors and so on.

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